Simple solutions for

complicated times

By partnering with Storfund you can offer your retailers same day payment, at no cost to you

Why Storfund?


The quicker your retailers are paid, the faster they will grow. And the faster you will grow too.


We can onboard retailers from anywhere in the world; we have clients from California to Shanghai.


Our technology is designed to be effortless – and there is no cost to you.

How it works

Step 1

Retailers sell on your marketplace.

Step 2

Storfund receives sales data and pays retailers 80% of their net balance every day.

Net balance = Gross sales minus marketplace fees and refunds.

Step 3

You release payment as usual. Storfund gets repaid and the retailer receives the remaining 20%.

How do retailers deploy their advances?


Investment in activities to improve visibility, such as advertising and better performance in marketplace search results


Our clients use their cash advances to restock faster, sell more and expand their product portfolio, leading to an increase in GMV

Our tech does the heavy lifting for you

Adaptable tech

We offer a range of ways to integrate your platform with our service

1 step integration

Whatever route you choose, integration is a one step process - with no cost to you

Fast go live

The service can be live on your platform in four weeks

Hassle-free delivery

Once the service is up and running, we do the heavy-lifting: we process the sales data and make payments direct to retailers

No change to your payment processes

There is no change or interruption to your payment processes

Intuitive dashboards

Our dashboards allow you to track sign-ups and daily and cumulative advances

And for your retailers


Registration on the Storfund website takes no more than five minutes


We onboard new clients in 24 hours


Our dashboards offer retailers complete visibility of their sales data and our fees, making reconciliation easy


Retailers are in control. They can pause the service at any time

Retailer dashboard


Powered by tech, delivered by people

Our Growth Advisors offer personalised support to our clients; this starts with a video meeting when they register and continues throughout the relationship.

Equally, our Growth Team are always on hand for you and your Account Managers – whether that’s to answer questions or create bespoke marketing materials.

Our Growth Team are multilingual:

Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu

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    If you are considering Storfund, we’d love to hear from you.

    Get in touch with Margaret Galvin, our Head of Marketplaces, direct on +33 6 4535 8906 or fill out the form on the left and she will be in touch to set up a meeting