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Get paid faster for your Back Market sales. Yes, it’s that simple.

Get paid faster on Back Market with BackFunds

Cashflow for ecommerce

Sometimes you don’t need a loan, you just need to get paid faster. That’s why Back Market has partnered with Storfund to offer BackFunds.

With BackFunds, Back Market sellers get paid as soon as they ship. Because faster payouts = faster growth.

How BackFunds works

Step 1

Sell as usual on Back Market and ship your goods.

Step 2

Each day we advance you up to 80% of your net, shipped sales.

(Net sales = Gross sales minus Back Market fees and refunds)

Why 80%?

Step 3

When Back Market pays out you receive the remaining 20%, minus our fee.

We charge a low fixed % of your net sales. No subscription, no set-up fee.


Pay one low, fixed fee

We offer straightforward transparent pricing, with no hidden costs.

Our flat fee starts at 0.1% on your total net sales funded.

Watch our video to see how the BackFunds fee works.

Why use BackFunds?


Fair fees

We charge our fee on your net sales, not gross, because why pay for money you’ll never see?



99.9% of payments arrive on time.


Made for growth

We keep pace with your growth. There’s no limit to how much you can receive.



We pass on our wholesale foreign exchange rate.


No fixed term

You can cancel the service at any time.



We help sellers grow internationally through our global network of marketplace partners.

How would getting paid immediately change your business?

The short term benefits of faster payments are easy to understand: if you get paid as soon as you sell, you can restock immediately. But what about the longer term, how will Storfund help your business grow?

The answer is cash cycles. A cash cycle is the number of days it takes to recover cash spent on inventory. The quicker the cycle, the more sales and profit you can make over a year. Watch our video.

Seller case study

FAQs for Back Market sellers

Who is Storfund?

Storfund is a global fintech providing financing to marketplace sellers. It was founded in London 2018 by long-time friends George Brintalos and Akbar Ahsan. Read more about our story.

What is BackFunds?

With BackFunds, Back Market sellers get paid as soon as their sales have shipped.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

Our service has been designed to meet the needs of high-growth marketplace sellers. To ensure it is suited to your business, we apply the following eligibility criteria.

  • Your monthly turnover must be at least £25,000, €30,000 or $35,000.
  • Your business must be a registered company, a limited liability partnership or similar incorporated entity.
  • Your business established for at least 12 months, and must have been active on your marketplace for at least six months.
  • Your account health must be in “good standing.”
  • Your business must be registered in Canada, EEA, UK or US, and under certain circumstances, China, Hong Kong or Australia.

What our clients say


“Storfund kinda saved our life. We got a delayed payback from the German Tax Office and needed the Amazon Payout to pay all our suppliers. Costas did a great job and helped us just in time!”

Storfund client,
Trustpilot review


“Great service. Working with Storfund has been a total pleasure. Costas and his team have been most helpful and I can firmly recommend the service to others.”

Amazon seller,
$1.3M annual turnover


“Everything was as they promised - no hidden charges, no gimmicks. If I need them I know they are one phone call away.”

Amazon seller,
£240K annual turnover


“Costas is just great and has even provided invaluable advice and connections relating to accounting, PPC and EU markets”

Storfund client,
Trustpilot review


“Storfund has a great business model and it is backed up by people and support that are incredible.”

Amazon seller,
£1M annual turnover


“Great service. Top that with hands-on customer support and you truly couldn't ask for more.”

Amazon seller,
$560K annual turnover


“Daniel explained clearly how the service works in French, we are very satisfied”

Storfund client,
Trustpilot review


“Costas and Elena have given me outstanding service.”

Amazon seller,
$340K annual turnover


“No hiccups at all. They even deal with queries out of hours.”

Amazon seller,
£1.4M annual turnover

Jorge and Manuel
Amazon Renewed and Back Market sellers, €3M annual turnover

“We used to buy products only every 10 days. Now we look for the opportunity to buy daily batches from suppliers.”

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Alternatively, if you are ready to apply, you can start your application here.

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