Because time is money.

Imagine your marketplace

paid on the day you sell

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Back Market seller, $9 million turnover

“It’s such a simple idea, but it’s made all the difference to my business.”

Back Market seller,

$9 million turnover

How would getting paid immediately change your business?


Growth burns cash. Restock immediately and never lose a sale.


Take control of your cashflow and run your business your way. Amazon sellers receive their unavailable balance on Day 1.

What our clients say

Daniel Hermoso, Growth Advisor

"Unlike competitors, we charge on net sales, not gross. Because we know that you know the difference.”

A simple solution for competitive times


Because we are embedded in your marketplace, there’s no need to request payments or submit sales data.


We guarantee your payment will arrive on time. If it doesn’t, we’ll waive our fee.

Made for growth

We keep pace with your growth. There’s no limit to how much you can receive.


We pass on our wholesale foreign exchange rate.


You’re in control. Pause the service whenever you need to.


We help sellers grow internationally through our global network of marketplace partners.

Amazon seller,

€1M annual turnover

“The Storfund dashboards are so good I use them in preference to Amazon’s.”

Amazon seller 

€1M annual turnover


As seen in

As seen in

Amazon seller,
€1M annual turnover

Now you choose when to get paid. Try Storfund free for two weeks.

Now you choose when to get paid. Try Storfund free for two weeks.

Amazon seller,
€1M annual turnover