Get paid today. Or don't.

Over to you.

We've eliminated marketplace payment delays.

With Storfund, retailers get paid immediately.

"Sell today, get paid today." It’s such a simple idea, but it’s made all the difference to my business."

We’re on Amazon in 17 out of 20 countries and a growing number of marketplaces around the world


Why Storfund?

Because there’s no delay between sale and payment, we restock immediately. Great for profits!”

Back Market retailer

$8M annual turnover
Quicker payments means we can negotiate better rates with suppliers”

Amazon retailer

£2M annual turnover
My Amazon rating has shot up. Thanks to the cash from Storfund I’m never out of stock”

Amazon retailer

€1M annual turnover

Why Storfund and not a competitor?

Plugged - in

Because we are embedded in your marketplace, there’s no need to request payments or submit sales data.


We guarantee your payment will arrive in the Storfund global wallet on time. If it doesn’t, we’ll waive our fee.


Unlike our competitors, we charge our fee on your net marketplace balance, not gross sales. Why pay a fee on money you’ll never see?


We offer a highly competitive FX rate.


You’re in control. Pause the service whenever you need to.

Designed for high-growth retailers

We keep pace with your growth. There’s no limit on how much you can receive.

Business financing wasn’t designed for ecommerce, we think it’s time to change that.

Our service isn’t new. Cash advances on sales have long been part of the financing mix for bricks and mortar retail.

We started Storfund because we think it’s time they were available to ecommerce too.

We believe all retailers - wherever they sell - should be able to access the same range of financing products to achieve the optimal financing mix for their business.

Storfund or a loan?

We don’t see it as either/or. Most of our customers use both.

A loan is a bet on the future, a lump sum which can support a step change such as entry into a new marketplace or launch of new brand. But it goes hand in hand with fixed repayments and a fixed term.

Storfund is “pay as you go”. We simply speed up the payment of cash you are owed, enabling you to keep pace with demand without going cap in hand to banks.

Plus, unlike a loan, cash advances don’t add debt to your balance sheet, which is key if you are planning to sell.

Get ready for Q4

Enjoy 14 days free financing when you sign-up with us before 31 August 2021. We'll increase it to 28 days if you switch from another provider.