Our platform partners range from marketplaces to payment providers and software businesses

Storfund's Marketplace and Payment Provider Partnerships

Ecommerce is all about speed, apart from getting paid

We partner with a range of companies, but always with the same mission – to make ecommerce cash flow.

Our partners share our conviction that faster payouts are good for everyone: sellers, platforms and consumers.


Good for sellers

When demand is rising, faster payments allow sellers to restock faster and sell more. That’s why in the first six months of using Storfund, sellers grow by 49% on average.

Amazon seller and Storfund client

“Cash can be a problem.

When you are growing, you need more and more cash, especially when you want to keep up with your business growth trajectory.

You need to put more money into the cycle.”

Good for platforms: Back Market case study

Back Market sells refurbished devices to over six million customers worldwide. Back in 2020, it identified cash flow management as a major pain point.

Marin-Marie Chaboureau, Seller Finance Manager, explained “our sellers have cash-centric businesses so increasing their working capital is key.”

What Back Market liked about Storfund was our global reach and high funding power. The benefits soon became apparent as they saw sellers increase their net sales by an average of 53% year on year. Storfund also helped Back Market to attract new sellers to open stores on the marketplace.

Full case study
Holly Tobia-Parkyn,
Customer Success Manager

“50% of businesses expand to new marketplaces after becoming a Storfund client.”

Good for consumers too

Storfund changes the way sellers run their businesses, which in turn benefits consumers:

  • Sellers don’t go out of stock, even when demand is increasing exponentially.
  • Sellers use improved cash flow to open stores on new marketplaces.
  • Sellers can use upfront payment to negotiate a discount with suppliers – which they can pass on to their customers.
  • Sellers can use extra cash flow to scale up product lines and add new SKUs.

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