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Our service
Get paid when you sell. Yes, it's that simple.
Our service

With Storfund, Kaufland sellers can get paid as soon as they ship.

With Storfund, Kaufland sellers can get paid for what they sell every day, automatically.

How would getting paid immediately change your business?


Growth burns cash. Meet rising demand by increasing your cashflow.


Take control of your cash flow and run your business your way.


Shorter cash cycles  = faster growth

Halving your cash cycle can double your sales. 

Watch the video and find out how.


(You can also watch the video in French, German, Italian, and Spanish)

No data submission, no payment requests, just reliable daily cash flow.

Step 1

Sell as usual on Kaufland.

Step 2

Every day Storfund will advance 80% of your net shipped sales.


(Net sales = Gross sales minus refunds and Kaufland fees).

Step 3

When Kaufland pays out you receive the remaining 20%, minus our fee.

We charge a low fixed % of your net sales. No subscription, no interest.

Designed for growth

No limit

There’s no limit to how much you can receive each day


99.99% of payments are made on time


We speak English, French, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish


Pause the service whenever you need to


We can pay you in 20 currencies; we pass on our wholesale FX rate


We can help you access new marketplaces around the world

Free trial

Kaufland sellers can try Storfund for two weeks for free.


No catch, love us or leave.


Book a meeting with Account Manager, Lukas Wurzinger, to find out more

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