Why Storfund

Support marketplaces, sellers or both? Storfund can enhance what you offer.

You provide the infrastructure to keep ecommerce going; and we’ll keep the ecommerce cash flowing.

Marketplaces delay payments to sellers to facilitate refunds to customers but this leaves sellers without funds to restock. By paying sellers more quickly for their sales, we help them to grow – which means marketplaces grow too.

Partnering with us enables you to offer Storfund to your customers – sellers, marketplaces or both.

How Storfund adds value to your proposition

For sellers

Smaller sellers need a lump sum/capital to build their business. Once they’ve got momentum, larger sellers don’t need a loan, they just need to get paid faster.

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For marketplaces

Storfund is an attractive proposition to marketplaces. We help them attract new sellers in a competitive market, then help these sellers to grow.

Most importantly, better cash flow means sellers don’t run out of stock, which keeps marketplace customers happy.

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Marketplaces we work with

Marin-Marie Chaboureau,
Back Market

“It has been fantastic working with Storfund. They have really helped us support our high value sellers.”

Make capital out of ours

Increase your win rate

Storfund is an attractive proposition to both marketplaces and sellers. We can help you attract new customers.

Increase your revenue

Of course we pay a revenue share.

Increase your growth rate

Storfund clients make over £1 million annually and grow 54% YoY on average. Growth for sellers = growth for you.

Two ways to work with us


Referral partnership

Refer your marketplace and/or seller customers to us.

For marketplaces, Storfund will contract and integrate directly. We can be up and running in 24 hours for Mirakl platforms and less than two weeks for non-Mirakl platforms.


Embedded financing

Integration is hassle-free and one-off.

Once Storfund’s cash flow product is embedded in your platform, marketplaces and/or sellers will be able to switch it on automatically.

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Why embed?

Embedding our solution within your software can make your offering more attractive.

Businesses consistently say that embedded financing offers a better user experience, which means higher take-up rates.

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Embedding our solution in your marketplace gives sellers the funding they need, without leaving the marketplace they know.

Why Storfund?

Global, experienced, well-funded

We’ve been providing financing to sellers since 2019; we have £5bn per year available for our clients in 33 countries.


Because we haven’t taken venture capital, we make decisions based on what’s best for our partners and clients, not external shareholders.

Growing fast

We’ve doubled in size every year. Our goal is to make immediate payments for ecommerce sales the norm.

Joep Backx,
Sales Director

“Platforms are the foundation of everything we do. We’ll appoint a dedicated team to work with you.”

Make Storfund part of what you offer.

If you are interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Considering Storfund?

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