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Our mission is to make ecommerce cash flow.

By partnering with Storfund, B&Q’s merchants can get paid on the day they sell. And because B&Q uses Mirakl, we can get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

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Faster payments = faster growth

It’s simple maths: the faster merchants are paid, the faster they can restock and sell again, enabling them to grow faster.

And, of course, growth for merchants means growth for you. Win-win ecommerce.

Koala Stash CEO,
Back Market merchant and Storfund client

“It’s such a simple idea, but it’s made all the difference to my business.”

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First client payment in 2019

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We can advance £5B per year to merchants

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Plug and play integration

Integration with your marketplace is a one step process. Because we are already connected to Mirakl, you can be live within weeks.

Embedded financing

Storfund’s service can be offered as a white label solution on your site.

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“Ecommerce is all about speed, apart from getting paid. We want to change that.

By speeding up payment for sales we enable merchants to keep pace with demand, which is good for merchants, consumers and, of course, marketplaces”.

Joep Backx
Sales Director
+31 6451 80501

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