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We are entrepreneurs

Storfund was set up in 2018 by founders and long-time friends George Brintalos and Akbar Ahsan. Their vision was to make immediate payment to ecommerce sellers the norm.

Like most marketplace sellers, we are ‘bootstrappers’

Our ethos was to set up a solid business from the ground up: we didn’t want to be reliant on one funding round after the other. So we financed our business with our own cash. To date no VC capital has been raised.

We are fast growing

On Amazon, over half of sellers are profitable within their first year. So were we.

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Success brings problems

How it started

In 1982 Boston Computer Exchange was the first ecommerce marketplace.

New opportunities

Now growing at breakneck speed, 50% of purchases worldwide are made on marketplaces.

Blocked growth

Payment terms mean sellers can wait between 14-60 days to be paid for their marketplace sales.

That’s where we come in

At Storfund we simply speed up the payment of cash sellers are owed, enabling them to keep pace with demand without going cap in hand to banks.

How it works

Our mission

Our mission is to make ecommerce cash flow.

Passionate about growth

We have the capacity to provide £5B of financing per year to our clients.

We are always looking to partner with new platforms so we can reach new sellers and help our existing clients expand.

Our platform partnerships

How we do business



Our tech is designed to be effortless for both clients and our platform partners.



Transparency and fairness. Not just words; evidenced in everything we do.



Our ambition is to make same day payments the norm on every marketplace worldwide.




Storfund founded in London


Beta launch and first client payment


Launch in Amazon Seller Central


Integration with Mirakl API


Partnership with Cdiscount


Partnership with Back Market


Partnership with PcComponentes


Landmark deal enabling us to provide £5 billion in annual financing


Partnership with Fyndiq


Partnership with Rakuten


Partnership with ManoMano


Partnership with Kaufland


Launch in Amazon Vendor Central


Release of embedded financing solution


Partnership with Mangopay


Payment partnership with J.P. Morgan


Became part of Amazon’s Payment Service Provider Program

George Brintalos, Founder & CEO

“The idea for Storfund actually came from businesses selling apps to App stores.

Apple and Google pay app developers every 90 days for downloads, but they have to spend money daily on marketing to get into the top five, top ten download lists. It’s very cash intensive and kills a lot of businesses.

We thought: can we do something here to ease the pain? We figured out that actually the bigger opportunity is in ecommerce marketplaces: there are a lot more people selling, and the payment terms are around the same – but the pain is bigger, so we knew the solution would be better received.”

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