“Growth burns cash”

JD Rockerfeller

Success brings problems. That's where we come in.

The concept behind Storfund is simple “Sell today, get paid today”

Outside ecommerce, few know that marketplaces hold back consumer payments from retailers for anything from a week to 60 days.

Delayed payment terms are a fundamental part of marketplaces’ operating model as they make it easy to offer refunds; however, payment delays constrain e-commerce retailers’ opportunity for growth at the moment when demand for their products is high.

Worldwide sales from marketplaces have grown by 140% in the last five years, reaching £3.0 trillion in 2020

Success brings problems

The success of ecommerce has created exceptional opportunities for growth, and with it the need for cashflow.

This is where Storfund comes in.

Established in London in 2018 with only the savings of our founders, Storfund is on track to provide $1B of financing in 2021

“Cash can be a problem. When you are growing you need more and more cash, especially when you want to keep up with your business growth trajectory. You need to put more money into the cycle”

Amazon retailer, £1M+ turnover

A financing partner who gets ecommerce

Storfund works with marketplaces like Amazon to advance payments to high growth ecommerce retailers.

Shortening the period between sale and payment allows retailers to restock more quickly, negotiate better terms with suppliers and plan more effectively. All of which creates faster growth and higher profits.

But it’s more than that.

No entrepreneur starts a business in order to manage its finances; working with us makes financial planning easier, leaving entrepreneurs free to focus on growth.

How we do business


Our tech is designed to be effortless for both clients and marketplaces.


Transparency and fairness. Not just words; evidenced in everything we do.


Our ambition is to offer our service on every marketplace in the world.

The Storfund global wallet

We started Storfund to make life easier for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Adding the global wallet completed another piece of the puzzle.

Most of our clients operate globally, with stores on marketplaces outside their home country and suppliers in a third territory.

The Storfund global wallet removes the hassle and expense of FX from our clients.


Mar 2018

Storfund founded in London

Nov 2018

Beta launch and first cash advance

Jan 2019

Launch in Amazon Seller Central

Aug 2019

Partnership with Cdiscount

Jan 2021

Investment by Swiss bank Union Bancaire Privée

Sep 2020

Global wallet launch

May 2020

Partnership with Ebury

Dec 2019

Partnership with Currencies Direct

Feb 2021

Partnership with OFX

Apr 2021

Partnership with WorldFirst

Jun 2021

Partnership with Back Market

And the story continues...