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Profile Pic - Akbar Ahsan
After starting out on the Barclays grad scheme, Akbar travelled the world as an investment banker, always remaining a dedicated supporter of Liverpool Football Club. He spent Storfund’s first year attending Amazon seller support groups to understand their growth ambitions and financing pain points. Now, he looks after everything non-tech, creating a service that truly makes a difference to our clients.
Spirit animal - Bull

Akbar Ahsan



Profile Pic - George Brintalos
A spearfisher in his free time, George spearheaded the creation of Storfund, having experienced waiting to get paid as an app creator. An economist and engineer, he designed Storfund’s mathematical models, after spending over 15 years working with investment banks across the world. He’s proud of both the people and the product, and how we have created something tangible, that has value and substance.
Spirit animal - Wolf

George Brintalos


Founder & CEO

Profile Pic - Valerie Bertorello
A strategic finance director with over 20 years experience in global organisations, French-born Valerie believes in going beyond the numbers and turning them into a story. Her creativity is also evident outside the office, where she experiments in the kitchen and acts in a theatre troupe. She enjoys the ever-changing nature of Storfund, and how every person’s contributions are valued.
Spirit animal - Squirrel

Valerie Bertorello


Finance Director

New to both Storfund and London, Jeffrey is finding his feet and hoping to remain in both places for a long time, after a fairly itinerant few years working and studying in Hong Kong, NYC and mainland China. He enjoys the freedom to figure things out and the opportunity to create his own path in an international and multidimensional environment.
Spirit animal - Bear

Jeffrey Kam


Financial Accountant

Profile Pic - James L
James has worked in BI, which he describes as the technical arm of finance, for the best part of 25 years. He feels there’s so much out there he’d still like to learn and not enough time in the day to do it. This curiosity is an asset at Storfund, as James is always up for a challenge, and delights in searching for solutions.
Spirit animal - Lion

James Lever


Finance Systems Analyst

Profile Pic - George Kyritsis
An early starter at Storfund, George likes the challenge of working in a start-up environment, with lots of different tasks and fewer rules and boundaries. He always has music on while working, so working from home suits him! He’s currently aiming to fulfil his childhood dream of having a motorcycle and is hoping to gain his licence.
Spirit animal - Owl

George Kyritsis



Profile Pic - Costas Anastassiadis
With three decades of experience in business across industries including robotics, garments and art, and across the world, Costas is well-placed to spearhead business development at Storfund. As an entrepreneur, he understands sellers and the issues they face, and is a true believer in the idea that no problem is insurmountable.
Spirit animal - Pigeon

Costas Anastassiadis


Head of Business Development

Profile Pic - Oliver Whelan
Oliver joined Storfund after nearly a decade with the ecommerce payment giant, WorldFirst. From leading the commercial teams to managing the firm’s largest strategic partnerships, Oliver played a pivotal role in the company's growth, which was acquired by Ant Group, the world’s largest fintech, in 2019. Planning, drive and taking big swings are skills he applies to business and favourite hobby, golf.
Spirit animal - Seahorse

Oliver Whelan


Chief Revenue Officer

Profile Pic - Margaret-Anne Galvin
Margaret has criss-crossed the world since being born in Dublin, and has now settled in Bordeaux, where she enjoys eating cake. This international background, coupled with her experience in hospitality and finance, and her previous work at Cdiscount, supports her in growing and developing strong relationships with marketplaces.
Spirit animal - Dormouse

Margaret-Anne Galvin


Head of Partnerships

Profile Pic - Daniel Hermoso
Having been born in Madrid, studied in France and worked in China, Daniel is multilingual and multicultural and likes to get out of his comfort zone. He’s worked in a range of industries, which has given him excellent communication skills, resilience, flexibility and open-mindedness.
Spirit animal - Chameleon

Daniel Hermoso


Growth Advisor

Profile Pic - Dominik Syk
Born and raised in Athens, Dominik speaks five languages and studied statistics and insurance science. Through his work in shipping and in bringing an American company to Europe, he has cultivated an international perspective. His enjoyment of performing stand-up comedy is similar to his love for working in a startup, as in both environments there is freedom and people listen to you.
Spirit animal - Axolotl

Dominik Syc


Growth Advisor

Profile Pic - Marc-Antoine
Dynamic and curious, Marc throws himself into any task that presents itself, and is always keen for a new adventure. His work in logistics, NGOs, customer support, as well as previously running a shop, has prepared him for supporting Storfund’s clients and understanding their needs.
Spirit animal - Tiger

Marc Antoine Cetoute


Growth Advisor

Profile Pic - Elena Liolios
Educated in China and Italy, and fluent in four languages, Elena is an excellent communicator and an enthusiastic lifelong learner, who enjoys meeting new people and exposing herself to new cultures and countries. Her experiences across industries as wide-ranging as fashion, fine arts, shipping and film give her insight into the infinite range of products sold by our clients.
Spirit animal - Cat

Elena Liolios


Growth Advisor

Profile Pic - Piers
Piers has worked within the ecommerce industry for many years and brings his expertise of commercial strategy and seller networking to his role as Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Storfund. Skilled at building and executing key initiatives, Piers enjoys travelling around the world, watersports and playing the guitar.
Spirit animal - Octopus

Piers Eveleigh


Business Development &

Partnerships Manager

With a diverse finance and law background, Sami joined Storfund in 2020, attracted by the company’s entrepreneurial drive and work ethics. Born in Beirut and currently based in Dubai, Sami speaks Arabic and enjoys the gym, golf and reading about history and politics. His philosophy? Focus on yourself and everything else will come into place at the right time.
Spirit animal - Dolphin

Sami Matraji


Legal Counsel

Profile Pic - Kostis P
After studying in Greece and the Netherlands, Kostis worked in industries including trading, billing and telecoms, and brings his extensive knowledge to his work in database development at Storfund. He enjoys working in a business that’s fast-paced and constantly scaling up, almost as much as he enjoys scaling mountains.
Spirit animal - Sea turtle

Kostis Papagiannakis


Database Developer

Profile Pic - Michael Miatidis
After over ten years of studying, both in Greece and Germany, Mike has spent the past fourteen years working in software development and has been with Storfund since the start. He is incredibly committed to his work, and enjoys the technical challenges that Storfund presents, requiring flexibility to integrate systems.
Spirit animal - Hamster

Michael Miatidis



Profile Pic - David_Rolls
David is unafraid of a challenge, quitting his lucrative 12 year banking career to do an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As an ex-Amazonian, he has developed a rigorous work ethic, but he truly enjoys agile, collaborative work that provides meaningful products to clients, as his passion lies in democratising finance.
Spirit animal - Beaver

David Rolls


Head of Special Projects

Profile Pic - Alex Papagiannis
After earning his Masters in Electronic Automation, Alex began working as a Software Engineer. At Storfund, he enjoys the ability to grow with the company, through making his own decisions and taking on responsibilities. He fosters a strong sense of camaraderie with his teammates, learning from others and integrating different perspectives into his work.
Spirit animal - Penguin

Alexandros Papagiannis


Back-End Developer

Profile Pic - Achilleas Tsiolkas
Achilleas feels that at a startup the product becomes a part of you, and so connects deeply to his work at Storfund. He enjoys working with his colleagues, as they push each other to go further, which helps sate his curiosity and zest for life - he always wants to know how and why everything happens.
Spirit animal - Monkey

Achilleas Tsiolkas


Software Engineer

Profile Pic - George kafetzis
George commits wholeheartedly to his work, spending eight years studying Electronic & Computer Engineering in Crete. He’s a tech geek, who beats the drum for using technology to improve the customer experience, and is constantly learning, to ensure Storfund remains at the cutting edge.
Spirit animal - Meerkat

George Kafetzis


Senior Software Engineer

Profile Pic - Tasos K
Tasos’s three key interests, coding, baking pastries and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all require precision, technique and a willingness to learn - skills which he also brings to his work as a backend engineer. As his seven years of study show, he is committed and always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities in his work.
Spirit animal - Hawk

Tasos Kyttaris


Back-End Software Engineer

Profile Pic - Dimitris A
Dimitris studied Computer Science at university, alongside working in research. He likes working in a startup as he can rapidly gain experience in a wide range of skills. He loves visiting new places and learning about new cultures through meeting people, as it opens his mind to new opportunities.
Spirit animal - Dog

Dimitris Arampatzis


Full Stack Engineer

Profile Pic - Eiri T
Cyprus-born Eiri currently lives in York, after graduating from the University there, with a degree in Computer Engineering. Even before working at Storfund, he had developed, in his free time, his own software for Amazon authors, and so working here allows him to integrate his hobby coding with his job. He’s passionate about his work, and enjoys the opportunities for growth and learning that a startup environment presents.
Spirit animal - Ant

Eiri Theodorou


Product Engineer

Profile Pic - Dimitris-V
Dimitris has been working in tech for the past thirteen years, and joined Storfund in 2022, just as he welcomed his first child. He enjoys being part of a growing team, and learning from others, as well as the satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to fruition. He often takes part in tech courses to increase his skills, and in his free time enjoys barbequing for his friends.
Spirit animal - Bison

Dimitris Votsis


Front-End Software Engineer

Profile Pic - Hana Graham
An Oxford graduate with an MBA, Hana has led marketing teams in fintech and blue chip financial institutions including the global insurance broker, Arthur J. Gallagher.
Spirit animal - Ram

Hana Graham


Head of Marketing & Communication

Carly joined the Storfund marketing team in early 2022 with a background in financial services and journalism. With expertise in writing clear and engaging content, SEO and digital marketing, Carly is passionate about financial wellbeing and client advocacy.
Spirit animal - Blue Jay

Carly Mures


Marketing Manager

With nearly 25 years of international business experience, Rahul is well-versed in risk management and strategy. He enjoys supporting young businesses to grow and develop. In his free time, he prefers to take risks, flying as an aero sports pilot!
Spirit animal - Elephant

Rahul Pakrashi


Risk Advisor

Michael Miatidis, CTO

“I’ve been with Storfund since the start; in fact, I was employee number 2.


Storfund is probably the most collaborative company I've ever worked for. Colleagues will always make time to listen to an idea as well as getting stuck-in to a project."