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Storfund is a global fintech providing financing to marketplace sellers. It was founded in London 2018 by long-time friends George Brintalos and Akbar Ahsan. Read more about our story.

Storfund finances matured receivables. Simply put, we advance you money that you are owed from your marketplace, on sales you have already made. The benefit of this is that your cash flow isn’t delayed by lengthy marketplace payment terms.

No, what we do is factoring, you may also know it as invoice financing or receivables financing.

Our service is available on 18 Amazon marketplaces plus Back Market, Cdiscount, Fyndiq, Kaufland, ManoMano, PcComponentes, Rakuten and +350 Mirakl marketplaces including Leroy Merlin, Conforama, BUT and MediaMarkt.

Our service has been designed to meet the needs of high-growth marketplace sellers. To ensure it is suited to your business, we apply the following eligibility criteria.

– Your monthly turnover must be at least £25,000, €30,000 or $35,000.

– Your business must be a registered company, a limited liability partnership or similar incorporated entity.

– Your business established for at least 12 months, and must have been active on your marketplace for at least six months.

– Your account health must be in “good standing.”

– Your business must be registered in Canada, EEA, UK or US, and under certain circumstances, China, Hong Kong or Australia.

Providing you are based in Canada, European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), and under certain circumstances China, Hong Kong or Australia, you can apply to Storfund.

Yes. We are registered and supervised for anti-money laundering purposes only by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA Firm Reference number is 807894.

Storfund is authorised by Amazon and available to sellers in Seller Central.

We can only work with businesses that are set up as a registered company, limited liability partnership or similar incorporated entity. We can support sole traders based in the US.

Yes, we offer a two-week free trial – simply use code WELCOME when you sign-up. If you decide the service isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time.

We have an easy three step process:

Step 1: Apply online. This takes 2-3 minutes and will only require basic company information and permission to view your marketplace sales volumes.

Step 2: We set up a call to hear more about your business. If you are interested in using Storfund, you grant us access to your store’s performance data and based on this we will make you a fee offer.

Step 3: We complete due diligence on your business, you sign our agreement and if required, complete a personal guarantee.

Step 1 of the online application process takes just 2-3 minutes. Once you have completed this one of our account managers will contact you for an informal discussion, and the information you have supplied will ensure the meeting is tailored to your business, then you can decide if you would like to proceed.

This can vary depending on type of business and location. Your account manager will be able to advise once you have applied.

To complete our due diligence checks when applying, you will be asked to provide:

1. Name, date of birth and residential address for all shareholders who hold ownership of 25% or more.

2. Name, date of birth and residential address for all directors.

3. One of the following documents in PDF format:
– Company constitution
– Articles of incorporation
– Certificate of incorporation

4. A bank statement dated within the last three months showing one full month of transactions.

5. ID and proof of address to complete verification for all shareholders over 25%.

6. Your VAT number.

As part of our due diligence we carry out verification checks on each business we work with. To do this we partner with Detected, who will store all your documents securely.

Yes we do carry out an Experian credit check.

Connecting your store enables us to see your sales volume over the last 12 months to check your eligibility.

In order for us to perform our due diligence checks we need to see your store’s performance data (Seller Central if you are an Amazon seller). This will also allow us to calculate the fee we can offer you.

On Amazon, please note, we have to ask for ”view and edit” access as “view only” isn’t possible on all parts of Seller Central. We will never edit any of your information and all of your data is protected by our signed agreement.

Once you have been accepted as a client, we will open an additional bank account for you, in your name. You will need to change your account with your marketplace to this new account.

Your new bank account allows Storfund to receive your marketplace payouts – this is how we get repaid for the funds we have advanced to you. We then release the remaining balance of the payout to you.

In some cases, a personal guarantee (PG) may be required from sellers. A PG is a director or shareholders promise to repay any funds owed to Storfund by their business, and it must be witnessed by a lawyer. This is standard practice and it is just a way to formally secure our position as we do not have any other form of guarantee on the funds we cash advance.

Your account manager is there to support you and find a resolution if your business is experiencing any problems.

Yes, we do. If you refer a seller to us, you will receive £1,000 (approximately €1,250 or $1,150) or the equivalent in another currency. New clients must meet our eligibility criteria and use our service for one month (they can also benefit from our two-week free trial).

If you would like to speak to us, fill out our contact form or email us at hello@storfund.com with your preferred contact number and location and an account manager will be in touch.

Our account managers speak a variety of languages including; Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, and Urdu.”


We charge a flat fee of 0.1 – 0.2% on your total net sales funded.

Net sales are your gross sales after marketplace fees and refunds. Unlike competitors, we charge our fee on net sales rather than gross, which makes a big difference to the amount you’ll pay.

Think of it as the total amount that has been funded by Storfund, and not yet paid out by your marketplace. It is based on 100% of your net sales, rather than the 80% we advance to you. As you sell, your total net sales funded goes up, when your marketplace pays out, it goes down.

Up to 80% of your net sales.

Yes, at Storfund, there is no subscription and no set-up fee. Plus, you can stop the service whenever you want and there is no cancellation fee.

Your fee is decided by Storfund. Unlike competitors, financing decisions are not made by a banking partner. We advance funds from our own balance sheet and we decide who we work with, and what fees to charge.

Your fee is determined by a range of factors which include our assessment of risk and revenue. For example, if you increase the number of marketplaces where you use Storfund, this could decrease your fee.

Simply put, this is standard practice in factoring. Under your agreement with us, we buy 100% of your net sales (your receivables) each day from your marketplace, so this is what we charge our fee on.

What Storfund offers is old fashioned factoring, calculated in the old fashioned way:

> You sell your receivables (your net sales) to us
> We advance a % of your receivables to you
> When your marketplace pays out, we get repaid, take our fixed fee and send the remainder to you.

Most marketplaces pay out in two weeks or less, so we base our fees on a 15 day payment period. Here’s an illustration:

> You are going to pay 1.5% on your net sales, repayable in 15 days.
> Today your net sales are £1,000, Your daily cost is £1,000 * 1.5% / 15 days (£1)
> If your marketplace pays out in 15 days then the total cost will be £15.

There’s also another way of looking at this. You can think of your fixed fee as 0.1% (2% / 15 days = 0.1%) each day on the total amount owing to Storfund.

Both are correct, but our clients tell us that the second way is easier, that’s why we quote our fixed fee as a daily rate.

Your fee is based on total net sales funded. That means if you don’t sell on a particular day, but Storfund has funded sales on previous days, for which we have not been paid by your marketplace, you will pay Storfund a fee on that day.

Having the “request transfer” button will reduce the amount you pay. Pressing the button daily will mean Amazon pays out more quickly – and the quicker we are repaid, the lower your fee.

Unlike many other tech businesses, we haven’t taken venture capital, so your fees only fund our business. That means we are working for you, not external shareholders. Our clients are valuable to us and we will always try to keep your fee as low as we can.

Storfund’s dashboards combine a high level overview of your fees with transactional detail. You can get a tour of our dashboards here.

We are happy to provide an apples to apples comparison with a competitor offer; here’s what we will need to know:

  • Do they apply their fee to gross or net sales?
    Will you get charged the same % whether your marketplace pays out on Day 5 or Day 30?
  • What happens if your marketplace doesn’t pay in full (i.e. holds a reserve)?
  • Will you pay a subscription fee on top of the %?
  • Will you pay a set-up fee?

Using the service

Because the Storfund service is directly integrated with the marketplace, an API sends us your sales data daily. This means there’s no need to request payments or submit sales data.

The Storfund dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Watch our explainer video to find out more.

You will receive up to 80% of your net sales each day (Net sales = Gross sales minus marketplace fees and refunds).

The reason we advance up to 80% of your daily sales, and not 100%, is because we allow for any refunds you may have to make. This saves you having to pay us back, so you can make refunds out of your 20% ‘buffer’.

When your marketplace pays out on your sales, you will receive your remaining 20% minus our fee.

Marketplace payouts are applied to your account on the day they are received by Storfund. This can mean you receive your payment 1-5 days later from when the marketplace schedules the payout.

We do this because in some cases there is a difference between the scheduled and received amount and then we have to claim this back from you. Paying you your payout as soon as we receive it allows for greater accuracy and less reconciliation.

Rest assured we will make payment to you on the same day we receive it from your marketplace.

This is not a problem. We will always ensure that the amount you owe us stays at the agreed % of your marketplace balance, e.g. 80%.

Let’s say:

Your net sales are €100,000
We advance you 80% (€80,000)

Your marketplace pays out 50% of what you are owed (€50,000):

We send you 20% (€10,000), minus our fee
We keep the remaining 80% (€40,000)

Your marketplace balance is now €50,000, and the amount you need to repay to us is €40,000 i.e. 80%.

Our funding means we can provide our clients with up to £5B/€5.8B/$6.2B per year, so there is no limit to how much we can advance to you. For a small number of clients we agree on a daily cap, this will always be discussed with you in advance.

We make payments every day apart from weekends and 25 December and 01 January. However, if there is a regional holiday in the country where your bank is based, you will not receive your money until the day after the holiday. For example, on a UK bank holiday when payment systems are closed, all currencies apart from GBP will be made and you will receive your funds the following business day. Likewise on a US public holiday, USD payments will not be paid until the following business day; other currencies will not be affected.

Yes, there is no change to Kaufland’s payment process when you use Storfund. When Kaufland makes funds available for your sales, you need to press the button to request their release as usual. The money will be paid to Storfund, then we will release the remainder owing to you. It is important that you request the release of your funds on the day they become available as this will reduce the amount you pay in fees to us; the quicker we are repaid, the lower your fee.

We pay you in the same currency as your marketplace, unless you request a different one. Some of the currencies requested by our clients include: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, PLN, SEK and USD.

We pass on our wholesale FX rate, we don’t make any profit on currency conversion.

Yes, you can request this from your account manager. For example you could turn off your Back Market store but leave ManoMano on, or turn off ManoMano Italy and leave ManoMano Germany on.

Yes, you can cancel at any time, please speak to your account manager. If there are fees owing to us, or advances that need to be repaid, we will arrange this with you.

In the event of any irregularities in your performance data, we may need to stop or temporarily pause your Storfund account while we investigate. We will contact you to let you know what has happened and how we can resolve the issue.

As part of our risk controls, we may temporarily decrease the rate we advance to you. This could happen for a number of reasons, including an increase in refunds or items not being shipped; we will contact you in advance to let you know the reason and how we can resolve it with you, to get back to your agreed advance rate.

Yes. We will pay your advance amount daily, providing it exceeds £200 (or its equivalent in local currency). On days the amount due to you falls below £200, you will receive payment once your accrued advance equals or exceeds this amount.

For example, if you were due £100 from us on Monday you would not receive a payment; but if Tuesday’s due payment is £150, then you will receive £250 on Tuesday. The minimum payment applies to each marketplace you sell on and each location within a marketplace, e.g. Amazon France and Amazon Germany; the threshold is not on your combined totals.

Marketplace payouts are not subject to a threshold so you would receive these as normal.

Yes, you can use your advance for any business costs such as paying suppliers, staff, tax and marketing costs.
The advance must be used for your business; using it for personal use or for the use of another business is a breach of your agreement with us.

Yes, you can export all of your data into Excel from your Storfund dashboard.

Not currently, however this is something we are working on developing. For now you can export all of your data from your dashboard.

We comply with applicable UK and EU regulations concerning the protection of your data.

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