Storfund is one of the UK’s fastest growing start-ups and one of its happiest too

Earlier this year, The Sunday Times Best Places to Work asked companies of every size, working across 26 sectors, this basic but challenging question: Is your workplace the UK’s happiest?

It made us ask ourselves, is Storfund? And what does happiness look like? So we agreed to take part, asking our employees to answer a comprehensive survey about what it’s like to work at Storfund. It uncovered some industry-beating scores, some surprising answers, and we learned that scoring 0% can be great news.

We have been awarded one of the country’s top-ranking employers as we also outscored industry averages, including 93% for ‘Confidence in Management’, compared to the industry average of 73%. It was particularly good to learn that 96% of our colleagues have a good relationship with their manager, that 93% feel they are being developed and that 95% are proud to work here.


93% of employees feel they are being developed


0% of employees feel at risk of poor wellbeing


95% of employees are proud to work at Storfund

When asked about life at Storfund, 0% feel at risk of poor wellbeing, which is just one of the categories assessed each year. The Sunday Times scores different aspects of workplace culture, such as Confidence in Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellbeing and their likelihood of Flight Risk.

‘Flight Risk’ you might ask (we did) means the number of employees looking to exit the company in the next 9 months. The Sunday Times uses benchmarking data from 50,000 companies and the Flight Risk industry average is 41%. We were happy to learn that Storfund scored zero, yes, not one person is planning to leave (phew).

The Storfund Way

As a company, we are growing fast but we know that our approach to workplace happiness won’t change.

Our approach is simply:

Letting brilliant people be brilliant, and then ensuring they can continue to be, is what it is all about.

We believe that innovating in a relatively new space like global ecommerce fintech requires inspiration, intuition and imagination. Creating a working culture that truly reflects and responds to these requirements is integral to our success.

Letting brilliant people be brilliant, and then ensuring they can continue to be, is what it is all about.

Put simply, we employ people who are there to permanently surprise us, who continually find new opportunities, new ideas and new ways we can work together to implement them. Put even more simply, we employ people for whom collective job satisfaction IS the job.

Our emphasis on personal empowerment, collective empathy and cooperation has driven company growth and individual growth equally for everyone at Storfund.

Such strong scores across all the survey’s dimensions are a fantastic tribute to everyone here. Colleagues say that they like each other and that this is the best place they have ever worked. We come from all over the globe (some 12 nationalities at our last count), and we all share a sense of purpose. We believe in what we are creating, and what we are creating is unique.

It is why we have become not just one of the UK’s fastest growing start-ups but one of its happiest too.

So what it’s like to work at Storfund? These results speak for themselves, and you might find that the Storfund way really is the only way to work.

Read more about Storfund and meet the happy team, you can also check out what recruitment positions are available right now.

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