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Silicon Valley Bank news: Storfund has no exposure to SVB


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Storfund operations are not affected by SVB news

Like us, we’re sure you have been closely following the news about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and, most recently, Signature Bank of New York.


We would like to confirm that Storfund has no exposure to SVB, our operations are unaffected and our clients will receive their payments as normal. This applies to our own funds and the partnerships we have with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) who provide your Storfund accounts.


The prompt actions of governments in the UK and US were good to hear, but we will of course be monitoring this carefully.


Storfund stands with the businesses affected and is proud of what the tech sector has achieved and what it has contributed to the economy.


If you, or a company you know, has been directly impacted by this, please get in touch with your Account Manager or Both Storfund and our network of contacts throughout the ecommerce industry are standing ready to help.

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