Welcome to Storfund X Cdiscount

With the Storfund X Cdiscount partnership, you get paid when you ship

No data submission, no payment requests, just reliable daily cashflow

With the cash from Storfund we’ve been able to replenish stock more quickly, we’ve also added new SKUs”

Storfund client

€8M annual gross sales
Quicker payments meant we could negotiate better rates with our suppliers”

Storfund client

€2M annual gross sales

How it works

Step 1

You sell as usual on Cdiscount.

Step 2

Each day, Storfund advances 80% of your net balance.

Net balance = Gross sales minus marketplace fees and refunds

Step 3

Cdiscount pays out and you receive the remaining 20%.


Storfund charges 1 – 1.5% of your net balance, depending on turnover and health of your store. This is an exclusive rate for Cdiscount customers.


Gross sales


Example Cdiscount fees and refunds

- €250,000

Net balance


You pay



Storfund fee

Guarantee reserve financing

Storfund can also offer financing for your guarantee reserve at 1.5%

Ready to get started?

To set up a video meeting, contact your Cdiscount Account Manager or schedule a meeting below and one of the Storfund Growth Team will be in touch.